Keep Calm and Move On – How to Ease Stress When Moving with Kids

Torin Cassani
Torin Cassani
Published on October 26, 2017


Many families will be moving with kids at some point, and if you have kids it’s natural to worry about how the move will affect them. Moving is a big change, and kids may not fully understand why you’re moving. By planning ahead and involving your children, you can greatly reduce the stress and make moving easier on everyone.

Moving With Kids – Planning Ahead

A little preparation can go a long way in easing the moving process for children. Start by involving them in planning as much as possible. Moving with kids will naturally create feelings of some loss of control when you tell them that your family is moving, but you can help restore that by allowing them to help along the way. Let them have a say in house hunting, and give them an opportunity to visit the new house and their new school ahead of time.

If you have younger children, you may want to pack at night after they have gone to bed, since toddlers would probably enjoy pulling things out of boxes as fast as you pack them. But older kids can help pack, and this involvement is another way to help them feel like they have some control over this big change. The Washington Post has a great suggestion to use colored duct tape so you know which boxes belong where in your new home. With all the colors and patterns of tape you can find today, let your children pick their own and have fun with it.

Moving With Kids – Preparing

You can also prepare children emotionally by talking not only about what will be different when they move but also about what will stay the same. Helping with packing will reinforce that their toys and all of their favorite things will be coming with them. If your kids still feel upset or angry about the move, acknowledge their feelings and make sure they know it’s okay to be sad.
A great way to stay positive while acknowledging these emotions is to make a memory book of your old home, allowing your kids to take pictures of your house, their friends, and their favorite places. Put this together in your new home as a way to celebrate those memories.

Moving With Kids – Moving Day

When it comes to moving day, keep in mind that your mood will affect how your kids feel. If you can stretch it out over a few days instead of trying to get it all done in just one day, that will ease some stress. Even if you can’t spread it out, Apartment Therapy suggests making moving day like an adventure for your kids. To make it easier to focus on your kids, you may want to consider hiring professional movers to help with the heavy lifting and truck loading and unloading. While the movers handle unloading, you can set off on an adventure in your new neighborhood.

Moving With Kids – Settling in to Your New Home

Once boxes are in the house and you start unpacking, make sure you keep the kids involved. The Supersisters at PBS have a great tip to get some markers and let the kids have a blast making art out of boxes. They can even make a box city in the new back yard.

Don’t worry about unpacking everything right away, but make sure you get the essentials set up in your kids’ rooms first so they have some familiar items and can start feeling like it’s home. In the coming days after your move, keep as much of a regular routine as possible. If you have a tradition or ritual, like Taco Tuesday or movie night, keep that up after you move and maybe even start a fun new family activity.

All of these steps, from planning ahead all the way through adjusting after you move, will help your kids feel a sense of control and comfort at a time that can feel like a huge change for them. Moving with kids can certainly seem stressful, but keeping them involved and keeping your own anxiety level under control will help everyone have a smooth transition.

Moving with kids – Photo credit: Pixabay

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