7 Tips for Downsizing

Torin Cassani
Torin Cassani
Published on February 13, 2018

Make the most of your small space with careful planning and smart interior design strategies!

Downsizing a home can lead to lots of stress and anxiety for those of you who love their belongings but hate messy spaces.  Seniors, empty nesters or people moving from the suburbs to the city can face the challenge of creating new living area with limited room for furniture, accessories, clothes and collectibles.  If you come up with a plan before you downsize, you can create a comfortable and stylish environment customized for your own style.

Here are seven tips for organizing and/or downsizing your life to live comfortably in a smaller space.

TIP 1: Plan Ahead

Don’t wait to make decisions.  Start setting your goals for downsizing early and plan accordingly.  For couples and families, make sure everyone is on the same page to eliminate conflicts and difference of opinions down the road.

Tip 2: Handle One Thing at a Time

When moving, everything seems to happen all at once in a whirlwind of boxes, moving trucks and time spent on the phone.  When planning ahead, take some time to think about what your priorities are and communicate these with anyone helping you move

TIP 3: Determine Your Lifestyle Needs

It helps to ask yourself some questions.  Think about what lifestyle you want to embrace as you move forward.  

Do you have room for furniture in your planned space?

If you are downsizing, how much smaller is your new home?

Do you feel you should keep something just because you spent a lot of money for it?

Tip 4: Find Purpose

Every little corner can have a purpose or function.  With a little bit of planning, a shelf can become your entire home office or a small corner can be your reading nook/art studio.

Be aware of what you allow into your home, life and mind, and how you choose to dedicate resources and time moving forward.  This can be a tip to feeling whole and living well.

When it comes to sentimental items, don’t forget to take photographs of your old home and belongings to keep your memories.  This can be especially helpful for children who don’t want to let go of an old stuffed animal or dolls.  See article on moving with kids for more about how to move with children.

Tip 5: Keep Clutter Out

Update your technology.  Use a printer that connects to Wi-Fi to eliminate extra cables and choose a TV that mounts to the wall so that you don’t need a media center.

Use intuitive storage solutions in your downsized space.  For example, a table cloth can re-purpose an older table and give you a way to “hide” things from plain sight.  Or use a piece of your china collection that seems too large to store as a pencil holder in your home office or for makeup storage in your bathroom.

Tip 6: Think Quality and Multipurpose

Always choose quality over quantity.  Choose a piece of furniture that not only makes you feel comfortable, but makes a statement in the space rather than squeezing too many pieces into one room.

If you’re investing in new furniture when you downsize, choose multipurpose furniture pieces and use the wall outlet spaces accordingly.  Go for nightstands with open and closed storage and ottomans with tops that lift to offer space inside for blankets or extra pillows.

Look for durable materials, fabrics and furniture.  A smaller home often requires flexible spaces that have to double as an office, bedroom or playspace.

Tip 7: When in doubt, get an objective opinion

Don’t only accept help from others, but seek out help from people that have experience living in these smaller spaces.  Whether its friends or a professional organizer, an objective opinion will always help you decide whether you should keep an item, eliminate it or donate it to charity


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